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June 10, 2016 ,Comments Off on JARVIS, Do This

When you hit up Google and search for superheroes, it is a just matter of Marvel or DC. Most often than not, due to movie franchise, Marvel is known to more people, especially the younger comic fans. From the Avengers to its second installment, The Age of Ultron, this superhero squad is probably known to everyone in this globe. With the action-packed scenes and stunning visuals, these movies are truly entertaining to watch for the whole family or your friends.Mobile app

Apart from the X-men Apocalypse, another recently screened Marvel movie is a Captain America sequel. It, however, included most of the Avengers with Iron Man as his antagonist, or in a different perspective, his competition in the movie. No matter which side you took in the most intriguing and mind boggling installment yet, the upgrade in facilities, costume designs and gadgets is something to notice.

Apart from the many plot twists, having different Marvel heroes popping up to form teams and be recruited is a fascinating sight. From the Panther’s sleek black suit to the new Spiderman’s modified costume, nothing will beat the stunning factor, complexity and usability of Tony Stark’s many Iron Man creations. It was even Stark who made Spidey’s new and improved attire.

We have to give it to Tony for his brilliant mind and previously non-human chest energy source for spearheading a leap in scientific and technological advancements. From the many Marks that he blew up to the forever trusted JARVIS, Tony Stark made us feel so inferior when it comes to gadgets and technology. At the same time, he made us want these things and gave us the push to build them. Now, Marvel Entertainment has already introduced its JARVIS Mobile Application, which is available both in Apple and Android platforms.

jarvisJARVIS, an acronym for Just Another Very Intelligent System, is an artificially intelligent computer with a male British voiceover, built by Tony Stark. JARVIS is not only a home-based all around assistant. Stark also managed to include him in his Iron Man suits for system navigation purposes. It was also revealed that JARVIS was probably named after Stark’s butler, Edwin Jarvis, who was always happy to see him whenever he visited from boarding school. JARVIS, as described in the comics and movies, is an artificial intelligence much like that of Siri, but with a wider range of capabilities. These include total control of Stark’s environment, house and armors. It is even capable of displaying holograms for an innovated computer desktop-like system.

As for the mobile app launched, its download reviews in both phone platforms have been consistently good. It is not like those knock off gimmick apps that only function for visual purposes without legitimate functions as an application. This JARVIS app will be your portable personal assistant just waiting for orders in your phone. Even better, commands can be done through voice control. The mere fact that you have JARVIS in your phone is already cool, more so because of its assisting capabilities.

The JARVIS mobile app is accessible from your phone’s lock screen with one tap. You can also download it in your Android wearables. If you need to take down something important, its notes mobile_applicationwidget will be of help. Always late for school of work? Fret no more as JARVIS is here to set you up with quick wake up alarms. You can also make calls and send text messages just by instructing him. The mobile app is no different from the movie’s talking British JARVIS. Its Cloud Voice feature allows you to have dynamic conversations with him, and for a better experience, he is capable of learning new things over time. He can also provide voice notifications for the weather, news, power levels and battery status.

Phone settings, such as Wi-Fi, among others, can be easily controlled through JARVIS. Its contextual awareness of the time and device settings allows him to adapt and sync himself when you are about to use him.  And for one of his best features, no more search engine hassle. With JARVIS, answers for your general questions and fact searches are easily acquired. Isn’t he just great?

There are many more other features to uncover and we’ll leave that up to you. We hope you enjoy discovering them as you use JARVIS. Tech savvy or not, he will not disappoint, and we guarantee you an awesome JARVIS experience!