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Things to Consider when Looking for the Right Golf Grips

October 14, 2017 ,,,,,Comments Off on Things to Consider when Looking for the Right Golf Grips

There are times when golfers’ swings are off because of some factors – such as the golf grips needing replacement. Typically, these grips are only good for a specific length of time. It will come to a point where they may start to feel sticky or slippery. This is a clear indication that these grips definitely need replacement.

Golf GripsHowever, there are instances where it’s much better to replace the grips before something happens. It’s also not a good idea to wait until they’re worn enough before replacing them even if they are not really right for a golfer and if it’s affecting his/her swings.

Finding grips shouldn’t be hard since there are lots of sporting goods shops, especially online. However, a serious and meticulous golfer understands that it’s not just about buying a new one. It’s also about looking for the best grip size, type, etc.

What are the things to consider when looking for golf grip replacements?

• The right grip size.

It’s the most important thing to consider in buying a new grip. Buying a grip that’s too large or even too small could greatly affect a golfer’s swing. It’s not entirely clear how proper grip size could affect the swing. However, what’s concrete is that, there are other factors that could actually affect the swings more than the grip size can.

What are the benefits of having the right grip size? It increases the golfer’s efficiency in his swings. If for example, the golfer has arthritis which can result to a weak grasp, holding a small club is ineffective, uncomfortable, and painful for him. In this case, going for larger grips will not only help him grasp the club more firmly and securely, it will also help him protect his hands from pains that are caused by hitting the ball with the aid of the club’s impact-resistant cushioning.

A secured club grip provides much needed accuracy, control, and trajectory. Unsecured club grips may cause the golfer to commit unnecessary, clumsy faults.

How does one determine if the golf grips are proper in size? There’s a simple way to do it. Just wrap the hand around the grip of the club. If the 2nd and 3rd fingertips don’t reach the pal, the grip is too big for the golfer. On the other hand, if these two fingers reached the palm but are more than slightly touching it, the grip is just too small.

• Grip types.

Golf GripsAnother thing to consider is the grip type because not all golf grips are the same. Typically, the materials, design, and texture of the grip will affect the golfer’s way of securely holding it.

In general, common grip types are available but there are grip types that are specifically made to meet some specific needs. Since these special grip types are not widely available, conducting research is essential in order to make the right decision.

• Grip comfort.

Golf grips are made from different materials that give their own unique benefits. The most common material in making club grips is rubber which can either be soft or hard. Some grips have fabric layers that are tightly-fitted on top to prevent moisture while the golfer is holding the grip. Golfers have different preferences about the materials used in grips, but what’s more important for them is the comfort that the texture of these materials can bring.

Combine all these factors when buying new grips and it is assured that a golfer will have an improved performance on his swings – this, of course, can result to a significant increase in proficiency level, transitioning from mere beginner to true professional.

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