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We, at the, respect your privacy, thus, we created a privacy policy to inform you how and why we collect personal data from our users. Here, we indicate the types of personal data that we collect. We also reiterate the choices you have in retrieving and updating the personal data that you have provided us.

Collection and Use

We store personal data from the time you created an account with our subscription form, when you leave comments on our posts, when you file a complaint ticket to our customer service representatives, or when you make a simple inquiry. The personal data that we store includes name, gender, location, email address, age and other personal information that you may provide us. We do not coerce our readers to provide this data to us. If you are not comfortable sharing this information with us, we recommend that you do not fill any forms that you find on our site.

We use this personal data to address your complaints, contact you through the email you provided us, provide updates, improve our services and the features of our site, perform surveys and researches, and send promotional items occasionally. You may opt to unsubscribe any time you want and may still enjoy the benefits of a free user. Please see our legal page for more information on the differences of a subscriber and a free user.

We use data log files to gather information that are not personally identifiable to you. These may include the kind of browser you use, pages you visit, IP addresses, date and time, ISP or the links that you click on our site. We collect such information for demographic researches so that we can enhance your browsing experience with our site. Through the data log files, we can determine the errors you may have encountered with our site.


We do not intent to lease, share or sell your personal data to other people and third parties except when you expressly give us the permission to do so, or when legal matters that involve the government to protect our legal rights. In cases of merger, sale and acquisition, we notify our subscribers regarding the changes, such as transfer of personal data, or the effective date of management turnover. We give our subscribers the right to opt out when transfer of personal data happens. You may delete your account before the effective date of turnover to the new management.

Cookies in our Site

Like any other sites, we set cookies to gather information regarding your browsing habits when you are in our site. Cookies are harmless settings stored in your hardware. They are merely identifiers so you can load pages faster. Cookies allow your web browser to remember the researches that you have made or ask you to auto-fill passwords and usernames. If you think that cookies violate your privacy, you may alter the settings of cookies on your browser. Follow the step-by-step process that your browser provides.

Affiliates and Advertisements

We have affiliates. We reserve the right to display advertisements in our site. We also use third party management ads to administer our affiliate links and ads, thus, you may expect to find links that direct you to other sites or pages. We have limited liability when you click on these links. We do not have control over cookies, or data collection of our partners. Our partners provide a separate privacy policy. Please read that carefully before using their site.


We secure your personal data with utmost care by implementing strict security protocols. We implement generally accepted standards on data security. Access to our database is limited to authorized personnel in our management. We punish those employees who violate our security protocols after due process. We may be using cloud storage or cloud servers, but we see to it that our providers are the best when it comes to keeping data secure.

Blog Access

Our blog is accessible to all, which means that other web users, either free users or subscribers, can see comments posted in our blog posts. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid posting your personal data in the comments box. We are not liable if anyone views and uses your personal data from your public posts.

Social Media Sharing

Every post we publish includes social media icons. Clicking these icons through our links may require you to log in to your social media accounts and may be subject to a separate privacy policy under these companies.


We make changes to our privacy policy from time to time. In cases of updates, we may or may not notify our subscribers, therefore, take time to review this page occasionally.

For questions, please contact our support team.