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The is a site dedicated to discussing information, features and updates regarding the Jarviss mobile app. This webpage contains our policies on privacy, terms of use, advertising, disclaimer and content. Please read and understand these policies carefully.

Privacy Statement

We accumulate personal information from our users through account creation and email subscriptions. We use your personal information for various reasons. For more detailed information about our privacy policy, please visit the separate page dedicated to it.

Account Policy Statement

We have two types of accounts. The first type is subscriber and the other one is free user. While free users have general access to all of our website features, they can’t access the premium features. These premium features are exclusive to our subscribers. Moreover, our subscribers get notifications when we posts updates on our privacy policy, on the newest blog posts and the newest features of the mobile app we endorse in this site.

Account protection is your sole responsibility. When we mean responsibility, we are talking of securing the passwords and username that you have created with us. We are not responsible when other people use your username or passwords to access our site and our services. We are not liable in cases when the negligence is in your part. Letting other people know your username and password is your discretion. However, do not blame us if these people use your username and password to purchase or enter into obligation with our site.

You may delete, or modify your account anytime you want. However, deleting your account is permanent. Once you hit the delete button, we immediately remove your account from our database.  You may modify your account data as often as you want.

Although we guarantee the safety of your personal information, we may not have control over unscrupulous people whose aim is to hack into our system. When you think that your passwords and username have been jeopardized, please do not hesitate to call us and bring the matter to our attention. We investigate on such issues and resolve them the soonest possible time. We suggest that you change your password immediately while waiting for actions regarding your stolen identity.

Furthermore, we delete accounts that have been dormant for years. We send notification or warning to the email you have provided us. If you don’t take any action, we will assume that you are amenable to deleting your account.

Content Policy statement

We publish a blog where you can find the latest trends of the mobile app we are endorsing. This part of our site is open to the public. Thus, anyone can read and view this page. Aside from blog posts, we also display images and tutorial videos on how to use the Jarvis mobile. Any types of content you may see in our site are the intellectual properties of You do not have the rights to copy, reproduce or repost any of our content without our express and written consent. If you think that we are violating the copyright, trademark or any intellectual laws, we are not prohibiting anyone to file a complaint to the proper authority.

We also allow comments on our blog posts, video tutorials and images. Any comments you made with us is yours even if it is published in our comments boxes. However, if these comments are derogatory, we reserve the right to review and not publish them when proven that these are harmful to the reputation of our company or are violating our legal terms and privacy policies.

If we suspect that the content our subscribers have given us is stolen, or plagiarized, we may take down such content until the issue of infringement is solved. Alternatively, we may ask you to remove such questionable content from our site. Allegations may not be enough but we must protect you as our customers, our suppliers or the company from possible lawsuit that may arise from such republishing of doubtful information.

Disclaimer Policy Statement

This site publishes topics on the Jarvis app. Any posts that you read on the blog section of our site are accurate to the best of our knowledge as we conducted extensive research and brainstorming about the application. Any opinion you find is our own opinion. Our opinions do not mirror the views of our affiliates and partners when it comes to endorsing this app. For any complaints, reactions or comments, feel free to contact us through email or report a complaint on our customer service representative.

We directly modify this statement once updates are final during our deliberation, therefore, if you want to keep a copy of this original legal statement, you may do so. However, we prohibit the exact copying of all its content and use it for business purposes.