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Jarvisapp.com is for you, which is why we want you to have the best experience when visiting our blog and be engaged with us every time you go here. Because of that, we continue to increase the overall function of this blog and make it easy for you to navigate all throughout the website.

Now, here are some of the awesome features of this blog and what we have to offer.

Great Content and Organized Blog

We take pride in bringing you only the freshest and most important news and information about the most popular and useful apps out there. You can even see how fresh these updates are by looking at the date stamp, which shows when they were posted. We have a quality blog filled with articles, photos and videos that we know you will be interested in.

However, just because we post regular updates does not mean our old posts are no longer valuable. You can still go through them and we make it a point to make the process of finding what you need easier through category pages. You can get more from our archives as you can search blog posts by category name. Our archives are also sorted by month/year the articles were posted.

Search Functionality

Speaking of our blog archives and categories, the easiest way to find articles about topics that you need is to search for them. Search features are rather common in most blog sites, but not all these sites offer excellent results. Jarvisapp.com is different because our search functionality really dives deep into our archives of articles. We do not need Google to do that job for us because we do it on our own and we do it pretty well.

Subscribe Button

Through our email subscription, we can notify our readers every time there is a new blog post. When you click on the subscribe button, you just need to provide us with your name and email address. Once you become a subscribed member of the blog, you will have access to exclusive videos and pdf files that we only send via email.

Link to Social Media Profiles

If you want to follow us on social media, you can do so by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the page. We have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages that you may want to stalk, uhm, follow us on. We promise we won’t judge you for it.

Social Sharing Icons

Not only we have social media pages, but we also allow our users to share our blog posts on their own social media accounts. Our social sharing features include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr share buttons, Twitter “Tweet this” button, and Pinterest “Pin it” button. Now, if you want to share our posts directly and privately to a person through their email, you can do so by clicking the email “mailto” button.

Commenting Functionality

Just like other blogs, we want jarvisapp.com to be social. That is why on every blog post, we will let you express your comments, opinions, and suggestions because we also want to promote an environment for conversation. Please make a note, though, of our community standards regarding the comment feature:

  • Debates are welcome, but we will not tolerate personal attacks, mindless abuse, and persistent trolling.
  • We will remove comments that others may find extremely threatening or offensive.
  • We will not tolerate homophobia, racism, sexism, and other kinds of hate speech.
  • We will remove comments that are clearly commercial or spam-like.
  • We encourage comments related to the blog post. We will remove “off topic” comments.
  • Keep in mind that you may be misinterpreted, so be clear about what you say and expect that others may interpret your comment in a different way than you intended. Text is not exactly a great medium for discussions because the tone of voice is not always expressed when using words. Please help jarvisapp.com maintain a community, which is open to all standpoints by having a reasonable tone.
  • We want the commenting functionality to be a welcoming platform for intelligent conversation and we expect our readers to help us make this happen. Please notify us through our contact page regarding any potential problems and help one another to keep discussions inviting and appropriate. When all of us are responsible for maintaining a proper and constructive environment, we can improve the discussion and everyone benefits from it.

By reading our blog, you will enjoy all these features and you will always be well-informed about the latest in mobile apps.